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This is me, Bettina Battaglia, passionate about creating images that make your heart sing. The kind of singing that makes you want to hang the enlarged prints on your walls, change immediately all your profile pictures of your facebook, Instagram and Linkedin account. The kind of singing that makes you so excited to share your photos with everybody you love. I will do everything in my power to awaken this feelings in you!

My mission is to create photographs that make you fall in love with yourself. My style is classic, and my editing results in the most natural looking final images.

My vision for photography is to empower the everyday women by showing them how beautiful they are.

We as women are still caught in the vision of society of how we should look like, behave or in general be. We get lost in all of that and forget about who we truly are. A masterpiece. Period.

We search for all the 'excuses' for not existing in photographs.

“I’m not photogenic.”

“I’m not pretty enough.”

"Just photos of the kids, please. I never look good on pictures."

“I just need to lose x amount of weight.”

Trust me I know, I had all the same excuses. I am here to tell you that you are ENOUGH! You are so beautiful! No more excuses, step out of your comfort zone. Celebrate who you are right now!

One of my superpowers is it to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera. I've got you!

During the photo session I always feel the moment when I get access to your soul... This is the moment when all the magic happens, and I get the absolute honor to capture your true essence.

If you chose me as your photographer, I promise to deliver the most beautiful photographs you have seen of yourself!

I hope you take the time to look through my website, visit me on Instagram and facebook, or drop me a message. I would love to hear from you so we can talk about how you’ve always dreamed of being photographed!


Associate Photographer of TPM (The Portrait Masters International), has placed several of her submissions in the top 20 of over ten thousands of worldwide submissions. Her work has received various silver and bronze awards.

In 2019 she has also won two silver awards at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography International) competition.

In 2020 her work has been published in the Shutter magazine, with one image as the editorial intro.

In 2021 she has won silver, bronze with distinction and bronze awards at The Portrait Masters International competition.

In 2022 she has also achieved bronze, bronze with distinction and silver awards at The Portrait Masters International competition. This year she also received the accreditation as Master Photographer of the Portrait Masters.

PortraitMasters Silver 2022 Photographer BattagliaPortraitMasters Bronze 2022 Photographer BattagliaPortraitMasters 2022 Bronze Photographer BattagliaThePM Master Level Bettina Battaglia Photography

Portrait Masters 2021 Silver Award Bettina BattagliaPortrait Masters Bronze Distinction Bettina BattagliaPortrait Masters 2021 Bronze Award Bettina Battaglia

PortraitMasters Silver Photographer Amsterdam BattagliaPortrait Masters 2020 Bronze Award Bettina Battaglia ThePM Associate Level Bettina Battaglia Photography

Portrait Masters Silver Award 2019 Bettina BattagliaPortraitMasters Bronze Photography Bettina BattagliaWPPI Silver Award 2019 Bettina Battaglia Photography