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If you have found my website, it is very likely that you are looking for a professional photographer. Whether you are expecting a baby, wanting to celebrate you with a portrait session, celebrating a special birthday, needing new headshots for your business, or something entirely different, you have come to the right place!

As a portrait photographer, I have been bringing portraits, maternity, and motherhood photos to the Amsterdam area since the beginning of 2020. Prior to that I was doing my magic on Bonaire, the Dutch Caribbean for more than 7 years.
My love for creating a beautiful image was born in portraiture. As a leading Amsterdam photographer I have been gifted one of the most beautiful cities as my base. A home to a lot of expats that live far away from family. Mothers, sisters, grand parents and best friends often can follow their lives only through social media. Imagine sending them actual prints for them to hang on their walls or display on a sideboard. Nothing beats that feeling when you walk by a printed photo or wall enlargement of a loved one. Nothing.


Portrait sessions start at €250

For additional information and a custom quote for your unique portraits, contact us HERE.

I want to share with you my vision of just how beautiful you look through my lens. Let me style an incredible transformational portrait session for you. I want your grandchildren to look back at how good you looked!
Portrait photography has so many genres. These are the type of shoots I offer:
  • Maternity portraits
  • Motherhood portraits (baby older than 6 months)
  • Mommy & Me
  • Mom & adult daughter(s)
  • Vogue-style contemporary portraits for the everyday women
  • Family
  • Generations

Maternity portraits are another one of my favorite types of portraits to create. Pregnancy photography is an extremely popular genre. It documents such a unique time in a woman's life, and something that should be celebrated, and preserved forever. The photo sessions are empowering, and a fun excuse to pamper yourself during your pregnancy.
Motherhood portraits have also been great joy to create for clients over the years. Capturing the special bond between a mother and her kids is such an honor to me. Imagine having high quality photographs of you and your kids for every year of their life. I am here to create these special moments for you.
Photographing women has always been a great passion of mine. Creating portraits that make women not only look but truly feel beautiful is such a joy. My portraits have a classic style with a touch of glamour. The modern portraits that I will create for you freeze this time in your life, whether you are celebrating a birthday, a love, a great friendship or just want to document your uniqueness at this moment.
If you are looking for portrait photography of any type listed above, or something not yet appearing on my website, please contact me. I create portraits in my Amsterdam studio. I would love to hear from you!